World Design Capital


About The WDC Logo

Logo created by KMS Team GmbH © 2006

About the WDC logo

The graphic is based on the idea that design is an ordering strength and the global claim of the World Design Capital project. It uses an abstract from an image of nerve cells, the basis for structured thinking, and the geographical coordinate system of the planet, from whose round form the graphic takes its shape.

In its basic form, the logo is made up of three elements. The base is a black circle, in which is centered a white crosshairs taken from an abstract of a grid pattern. Four distinct segments are created into which text can be written, the top right segment having always “World Design Capital“ in it.

In the medium-sized variation, “World Design Capital“ appears on the right side of the image in black letters and the width of the border area is a quarter of the circle‘s diameter.

In the x-small variation, only in this case does “World Design Capital“ appear on one line.

WDC Font
The World Design Capital has its own font called, “WDC Font.“ It is a derivation of the stadium typography.