World Design Capital




Application fee
A CAD$10,000 (Canadian dollar) non-refundable application fee must be remitted at the time of submission to:

World Design Capital
c /o International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid)
455 St-Antoine West, Suite SS10
Montreal, Quebec, H2Z 1J1, Canada

For information regarding wire transfers, please contact

Administration fee
As a condition for consideration for the final selection, shortlisted cities shall remit a CAD$25,000 (Canadian dollar) fee to cover administrative and logistical expenses during the evaluation phase.

Licensing fee
Designated World Design Capital cities shall remit a CAD$600,000 (Canadian dollar) hosting fee to be paid over three (3) years in equal instalments. Specific details regarding the timing of the hosting fee payments will be presented in the WDC Host City Agreement.

For more information about the fee structure, please refer to the Becoming a WDC manual.