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WDC Cape Town 2014 Design Policy Conference

Design conference

As design continues to be a powerful tool for innovation and improvement, national policies for design are increasingly recognised as an important means of shaping the future prosperity and wellbeing of a city and its inhabitants. The WDC International Design Conference provides a global platform for the high-level exchange of ideas, insights and best practices from different countries, regions and cities developing, launching and maintaining effective design policy.

Key figures working on projects involving design: government policy makers, design promoters, economists, industrialists, academics, educators and designers, come together to share their experience and knowledge in this two-day open forum. Through a combination of speeches and roundtable discussions the conference aims to address the following:

  • What measures are needed to stimulate innovation through design?
  • What insights have been gained from international best practise in design promotion and support?
  • In which ways does national design policy have an impact on economic development and society?
  • What are the strategies that bring the greatest change in the design and innovation behaviour of businesses?
  • How can design contribute to the wider goals of fostering and communicating cultural identity?
  • How can the design sector better deliver what the design policies promise?