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Design House Exhibit WDC Cape Town 2014

International Design House

The WDC International Design House exhibition has drawn best practices from the International Pavilion concept featured during the Olympic games and the World Fairs. Through a series of housed exhibitions, the event is intended to be an international showcase of design from around the world. Held over a period of seven days, international exhibition hosts are invited to present the best of their country’s design within the WDC city, creating an opportunity for designers to share ideas, innovation and expertise, as well as promote global design.

The exhibition takes an in-depth look at design as a starting point for new economic development strategies, as well as an instrument for communicating identity and values. In the past, showcase themes have ranged from the lively panorama of Europe to the rapidly developing countries of the Far East. At the same time, visitors are encouraged to experience design through a series of linked venues in the WDC designated city. These exhibitions offer new perspectives for designers and have a positive influence on city development. Each participant has the opportunity to surround their own ‘House’ with events and happenings that will excite and inspire visitors and other designers alike.