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London Design Week 2014

Design Week Forum

The newest addition to the roster of WDC Signature Events, the ‘WDC Design Week Forum’ was initiated by WDC Cape Town 2014.

As Design Weeks are increasingly being adopted and implemented in cities around the world (i.e. approximately 74 design weeks currently exist), projections are that this number will continue to grow internationally. Within these events, there are undoubtedly varying levels of international exposure, different programmes and objectives, as well as varying attendance figures. As a result, there is a unique opportunity to develop a platform for the leaders/directors of these Design Weeks, to provide an opportunity for best practises to be shared and information to be exchanged.

As a WDC Signature Event, the WDC Design Week Forum is positioned as the ‘go-to’ event for DW organisers from around the world to meet in one place biennially to learn from each other and take back with them, constructive tools for consideration and potential development within their own events.

Aims and objectives

  • Enable the WDC designated city to become the platform that would enable the international network of Design Week organisers to congregate in the host city
  • Provide an outlet for cities where a substantial design movement is present, but where a Design Week has yet to be established, with the opportunity to learn best practise in an attempt to develop one in their city
  • Turn this event into an important destination event not only to nurture and develop existing Design Weeks, but also to incubate new ideas and empower the emergence of new Design Weeks
  • Attract public-private collaborators and funding partners to visit, as well as learn from key players on the international design stage