World Design Capital


Visual identity

In developing the visual identity for  WDC Torino 2008 different designers were selected to work on various components, each of them producing a specific medium for the event and a wide range of artworks in a deliberate free style.

Green is the colour
WDC Torino 2008 chose green as its colour. The choice of this colour was motivated by scientific and historical reasons, as well as by competitive factors and current trends. It was a new colour for the city. Torino has always been associated with blue and yellow: green represents their combination. Additionally, besides being the colour of reason, green also hints at “green design” and environmental sustainability, two important themes for reflection.

The frequency associated with the colour green occupies a central position on the scale of human visual perception. Green is the “visual place” to which the human eye is most sensitive and, thus, able to perceive the most differences.

This is why the WDC Torino 2008 visual communication did not use just one single shade of green based on a precise combination of colours, but rather a wide spectrum of greens that is flexible and changeable. Every shade producing an infinite range of sensations.

“Another green colour” was the slogan featured on all supporting material, followed by the Pantone colour code (or the respective chromatic percentage) used in each specific case. The phrase itself is a reference to the album Another Green World by Brian Eno (1975).